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As the world’s largest medical devicemarket in the making, China is not yet recognized for its medical innovationsthat match its status nor its huge growth potential. Yet China’s opportunitiesin healthcare are unprecedented due to the aging population as well as the government’sambitious plan to provide wider and better healthcare coverage for itscitizens. China is pouring billions to build and improve infrastructure, trainhealthcare professionals, particularly in less developed parts of the country,and pay for medical products and services for the majority of the population inthe rural area who are otherwise unable to access modern healthcare. All ofthese spendings call for quality innovative local products and services tosustain the ambitious government healthcare plan. Medical technology is alreadyidentified by the State Council and governments around the country as one ofthe strategic pillar industries to support and develop in the next decade orso. Translational medicine is an area of focal attention to drive a much closerpartnership between the medical community and the industry in order tostreamline clinical concepts, engineering capabilities and investment dollars,all of which are indispensible for medical innovation. This trend is clearlymanifested in many of the government initiatives, including the prestigious “863research project” among others, and is seen as a critical factor to launchChina into an innovation center for medical technologies in the world. TheChina Innovations in CardiologyCIC is then born based on this background. Being the most importantworldwide conference on innovating cardiovascular system, ICI (TheInternational Conference for Innovations in Cardiovascular Systems andHigh-Tech Life Science Industry) is the exclusive strategic partner in China.Both CIC and ICI shares and follows a same concept to be innovating and bringsa breakthrough on promoting translate medicine in the cardiovascular field.


China  Innovations in Cardiovascular (CIC) is conceived bythe nation’s medical and industry leaders as a direct response to the call formedical innovation through translational medicine.

CIC Purpose

The purpose of CICis to explore and establish an effective mechanism that can combine theclinical treatment concept and designs of product to the needs of patients inChina, which ultimately comes to a satisfying resolution for those in needs.


CIC Mission

The mission of CICis to provide a close communication and exploration platform for clinicalphysicians, public health policy makers and industry investors. Parties of eachfield can cooperatively research, develop and translate innovation treatmentmethods and products based on the needs and benefits of the patients.

Wewill be eventually providing new opportunities for China’s leading edge medicalresearch, innovation product designs, promotion in industry competiveness, andvalue in investment.