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Investment Forum, China Innovation in Cardiology Established

Release date:2017-10-11Collect

 •Forum’s Mission: With innovative technologies oriented, to create a platform to accelerate the industrialization pace of medical technologies through the interaction between academic and industrial circles.

 •Forum’s Task: Creating an ecosystem for translational medicine by incorporating investment, consultant, and operation. 

 •Forum’s Feature: A technological innovation cooperation forum that features collaborative development, complementary advantages and shared benefits and risks.


 Investment Forum, China Innovation in Cardiology (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) was co-founded on June 18, 2017 by the First Affiliated Hospital with Nanjing Medical University(Jiangsu Province Hospital), Dinova Capital, China Dinghui Investments, Huatai Medical Industry Investment Fund, CITIC Securities, CBridge Capital, OrbiMed, Morningside Venture Capital, SAIF Partners, BioVenture, Warbug Pincus with the aim to push forward the scientific research innovation of clinical medicine technologies and its translational applications, to establish a channel for the evaluation of professional projects and its investment and financing, and to build a favorable environment for the industrialization of innovative medical technologies, thus providing one-stop service for medical innovation. Supported by China Innovations in Cardiology (CIC), the Forum is engaged in building a platform for top investors, doctors, entrepreneurs and policy makers, through which they can work together to accomplish a translational process from concept to product by setting up an innovation company.


The Forum is a nationwide, professional and non-profitable organization co-founded by innovative medical enterprises, investment agencies, hospitals and relevant government departments and has received vigorous support from such academic organizations and institutions as Chinese Society of Cardiology (CSC), Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (CSPE), the First Affiliated Hospital with Nanjing Medical University and Jiangsu Medical Apparatus Engineering Center of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases. The Forum consists of Advisory Committee on the Industrialization of Medical Technologies and Academic Advisory Committee on Clinical Medicine, and is backed by over 20 authoritative experts and scholars of various fields from home and abroad.


The initial meeting was hosted by Professor Kong Xiangqing, head of the Cardiology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital with Nanjing Medical University and Chairman of the Forum, who, as the co-founder of the Forum, knows quiet well the difficulties that are getting in the way of the industrialization of medical innovations, explained unsolved problems faced by the Forum and put forward relevant solutions and his wishes for the future of the Forum from the perspective of a medical worker. Besides, the initial meeting elected the Chairman of 1st Board of Directors of the Forum from Dinova Capital, and Deputy Chairmen from China Dinghui Investments and Hautai Medical Industry Investment Fund. As the Executive President and the first Chairman of the Forum, Zhao Yiwei from Dinova Capital passed the first annual budget and plan that focuses on seven tasks including optimizing the selection of projects, conducting professional and one-stop evaluation, accelerating the industrialization of medical innovations and lowering investment risks and so on. After that, as Standing Directors, Gan Liang representing China Dinghui Investments and Sun Lefei representing Hautai Medical Industry Investment Fund relatively made themed speech on the positioning of the Forum and the trend of medical development at home and abroad, making contributions to the development of the Forum.


Innovation requires not only the brave but the wise. Only through the joint efforts of academic and industrial circles can we break existing shackles and usher in a new era. We are convinced that, through our united efforts, the Forum will eventually become a benchmark in cardiovascular innovation field, offering all-round support to more and more innovative enterprises. The Forum will constantly place conducting concrete affairs and improving efficiency as top priority and complete the “last kilometer” of innovation.