CIC Outstanding...

Dear entrepreneur,

             On behalf of the China Innovation in Cardiology (CIC) organizing committee, wewould like to invite you to attend the meeting of Advanced Techonologies inCardiology, CIC 2017,

             to be held in Nanjing, China on Nov. 16-18, 2017.CIC is China’s only official translational medicine platform for clinical experts,government policy makers, industry, and investors to debate, share, create andcommercialize novel medical concepts and therapies in a collaborative manner withfocus on unsolved clinical challenges and China specific needs. This year, we expect1500-2000participants from China,Britain, Germany, Israel, Italy and US to attendand contribute to CIC 2017. 

           The 4th CIC will be hosted by the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing MedicalUniversity, supported by Chinese Society of Cardiology (CSC), Chinese Society ofPacing and Electrophysiology (CSPE), JSTD, etc. There are 8 forums includingDevice therapies for heart failure, Novel technologies in coronary intervention,Autonomic nervous regulation therapies, Cardiovascular imaging, TAVI and TPVI,Transcatheter mitral/tricuspid repairment, Innovation in Cardiac Rhythm Management,Atrial Fibrillation Therapy and Stroke Prevention in CIC 2017.

           13:00-15:00Sequoia Capital naming Innovation Contest (Part 2,4 players)15-min presentation, 15-min comments and discussion oneach project.15:00-17:00CITICnaming Innovation Contest (Part 3,4 players)15-min presentation, 15-min comments and discussion oneach project.2016/7/23 CICDinner &Supernova Innovation Contest Award Ceremony19:00-21:00Supernova Innovation Contest Award Ceremony The awards will be presented to the winners by CICConference Organizing Committee; The winners may have an in-depth interaction with theCIC faculty members. Get the chance to join the road show in the investmentforum which is held by Hangzhou Government on July25th.2016/7/24 Jinling   

          Congress Center in Nanjing8:00-12:00 Collective Road show Close-door road show service8:00-12:00 Qiming Solo Road showSponsors enjoy 1 on 1 road showservice 8:00-12:00 SequoiaSolo Road show8:00-12:00 CITIC Solo Road showThis year, the 2nd CIC Innovation Contest will be held to give recognition andsupport to the industry with excellent innovative ideas and offer an interactivecommunication platform for industry,

          investors and clinical experts. All enterprisesjoining CIC 2017 are eligible to participate in CIC Innovation Contest, and thewinners are privileged tohave further discussions withgovernment officials, KOL andinterested investors on entry pathways, clinical trial, future development andfinancing needs, etc. (by invitation only).

 On behalf of the CICorganizing committee, we would like to invite you tojoin CIC 2017 Innovation Contest, the program is as below.